TV Everywhere

TV AnywhereSigning up is FREE and easy!

  1. In your Internet browser, go to the following address:
  2. At the top of the page, click on "Register" tab to begin the registration process.
  3. In order to register, you will need your account number, which can be found on your SEPB electric bill.
    After filling in the correct information, click "Register" at the bottom.
Existing subscribers to SEPB Internet services will have TV Everywhere access within 30 minutes of registering.
Newly installed subscribers will have TV Everywhere access between 48 and 72 hours after registering.
Once you are registered and have access, you can enjoy watching your favorite programs with any device connected to the internet. You will only have access to channels that you currently subscribe to with your monthly TV programming package.

To use TV Everywhere:

  1. Click on the channel you want to watch or download the app for that channel to your device.
  2. Select "Scottsboro Electric" as your television provider from the provider list on the site.
  3. Sign in with your username and password you created when you signed up for the program.