Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Please print this page, or save it to your hard disk, in case you have access problems and cannot get to this page.

Installation related Questions

Q- Who do I contact when I have problems and questions ?
A- If you can access the Internet, please eMail us. Someone will contact you shortly thereafter. If you cannot access the Internet, call 256-574-2682 and tell them you are a Cable Internet customer and need technical support.
Q- Sometimes when I open an Internet application, such as my eMail program or my web browser, my computer tries to use my old dial-up account. How do I change this ?
A- In the Control Panel, open the Internet icon. If there is a tab for “Connection,” click that tab. There is a box for “Access Internet as needed.” Make sure that box is unchecked. In some cases, you may see a tab that says “Autodial.” If so, make sure the box saying “Use Autodial” is unchecked.
Q- What are the prices for additional services, like extra eMail accounts & my own web page ?
A- For additional pricing you can eMail Sales, or go to this page.
Q- Can my business get Internet access from SEPB?
A- Yes. If you have more than one PC, you can use a multi-user cable modem. For businesses with large LAN’s, multiple multi-user modems can be used, or a single modem can be used to give all PC’s Internet access with the correct LAN configuration. Contact Sales for pricing.

Web Browsing related Questions

Q- Can somebody get to my computer from the Internet ?
A- Not as it is set up during installation. You must set up your computer to be accessed or shared to allow someone access to your computer.  If you install software that allows access to your computer, then it is possible to obtain access to your computer.

Q- How do I protect myself from others that try to see my files on my computer?
A- There is no totally fool proof way to protect yourself from a determined hacker but there are a few ways to stop the average computer user from accessing your system.  The first way to stop someone is to make sure you take the basic steps to prevent them looking by means of a software firewall application.
Q- Why can I get to some places on the Internet, but not others ?
A- Sometimes a site may be down for various reasons, or it may be overloaded with requests. In such cases, try again later. Remember that if you can get to some places but not others, then your Cable Modem Internet access is working properly, but there are problems elsewhere that are most likely out of our control.
Q- Sometimes Internet access seems slower than at other times. Why ?
A- At different times of the day, more people may be accessing the Internet. This causes slowdown, because the Internet itself is becoming somewhat overloaded. It’s like rush hour in a big city.

eMail related Questions

Q- Can I change or add an eMail address?
A- Yes!  Send us an eMail and we will change your eMail name, password, or add another eMail name for you.   There is a charge for additional eMail addresses as stated on our Rate Page.
Q- Can I use another eMail program instead of or in addition to Outlook Express?
A- Yes!  You may use any eMail program you want, but we may not be able to provide you with the same level of support.
Q- What are my eMail account settings?
A- Incoming and Outgoing eMail server names are You should use your entire eMail address as the username, both POP and IMAP incoming servers are allowed. If you use a mobile device to access your eMail, the outgoing server port should be changed to 2025 with authentication enabled. Port 25 may be used as the outgoing port for sending mail from your SEPB connection.

Cable Modem Related Questions

Q- The online light that indicates my modem is receiving signal is not on. What do I do now ?
A- Try unplugging the power cable from the modem for a few seconds, and then plugging it back in.   If the problem persists or this happens frequently, call the Scottsboro Power office at 256-574-2682, and tell them you are a Cable Internet customer and need technical support.
Q- Can I set up more than one computer to go out through the cable modem at the same time?
A- The standard cable modem allows one computer to go out at a time, even if you are connected to a network (through a hub or otherwise). You may upgrade to a multi-user modem, or purchase a firewall/router to accomplish this. SEPB does not install, configure or troubleshoot customer networks.  Refer to the Rate Page for prices.

CATV related Questions

Q- Do I have to have cable service to get Internet ?
A- We no longer require that you subscribe to our Lifeline service to get the Internet service.  Check out our Pricing Schedule.

Computer related Questions

Q- Do I still need my telephone modem ?
A- You do not need it for Internet access, but you will need it for faxing and for any dial-up networking you want to do.
Q- What are the minimum requirements for my computer if I want Internet from Scottsboro Power ?
A- For IBM-compatible machines, we recommend a Pentium-class or equivalent processor with sufficient RAM and an Ethernet adapter or USB port. For other computer models please call. No additional software is required, our Cable Internet service works with the software that is included with all popular Operating Systems.

Other Applications related Questions

Q- Why can’t I use my cable modem to fax and dial up to other places ?
A- The cable modem uses coaxial and fiber optic cables, and does not use the phone lines. You must still use a telephone modem for that.
Q- What things can I NOT do with Scottsboro Power Internet access ?
A- At this time we know of no service that is unavailable through our Internet access.  If you are having problems, please let us know.

Service and Support Related Questions

Q- How do I go about getting my Internet access disconnected ?
A- Call the office at 256-574-2682. Arrangements will be made to get the cable modem and stop billing.

Q- I had to reformat my hard drive because it crashed, or I just got a new computer, or I messed up my computer’s configuration and need it set up again. What will be the charge to fix things back ?
A- Please contact the company that originally set up your computer.   They should be able to quote you a price for that service. We’ll be glad to walk you through the cable modem configuration once your computer is functioning properly.