Customer Service Programs

Of the many customer service programs offered by Scottsboro Electric Power Board, eight of the most widely used are summarized below. Each meets a different need, and all are important. However, we believe that the most important customer service we offer is communication. We listen to our customers and develop programs and policies which best serve them and the System.


Surge Protection

Lease Surge Protection – covers white goods only (refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers). It does not cover TV's, VCR's, DVD Players or Computers. This is a device that is installed at the meter base. There is a $25.00 service charge and $5.95 monthly charge.


Water Heater

Customers needing a replacement water heater may be eligible to receive rebates from the Scottsboro Electric Power Board. Customers replacing an electric water heater may receive $100.00.


This program is available to customers who wish to have their monthly bill "averaged".


Bank Draft

Many SEPB customers are taking advantage of the money-saving, time-saving benefits of our bank draft service. You will never experience late charges, having to wait in line or postage worries. Enrolling in the program is simple. It costs nothing to participate. Sign up and your monthly SEPB bill will automatically be paid from your checking account. Call the office for more details.


When a tree near a power line is designated by the Electric Power Board as a "danger tree", the property owner is offered a choice among several flowering low-growing trees as a replacement for the tree which had to be cut down.


Project Help

Many customers of Scottsboro Electric Power Board presently allow $1.00 or more to be added to their monthly power bill as a donation to the "Project Help" Fund. The Community Action organization administers the Fund and financial help is given to those customers who need assistance with paying their power bills.


Security Light

Don't be caught in the dark – call SEPB for more information about having a security light installed at your home or business.